Systems and technology

Campaign platform

Our state of the art campaign platform is the result of our 10 years of experience in online and offline CRM-activation for over 100 multinational clients in travel, retail, FMCG and e-commerce. Our clients run multiple campaigns because they know that they are leveraging the updates we make from all of the campaigns that we run, and that we apply our learning of consumer behaviour as we go.

  • scalable platform for multinational operation
  • easy adoption of customers visual brand identity
  • responsive front end, optimized for web and mobile usage
  • API connections for all major e-mail and crm systems
  • extensive anti-fraud and data security protocols


Basebuilder captures extensive data about your consumers and provides insights on your locations. You are able to monitor the performance of the campaign as a whole, by location, or even by individual staff members. All this information is shared with our clients via online dashboards. With this real-time reporting, Basebuilder is able to support your staff and continually optimize the campaign assets to ensure the best results.

  • Real time results per individual store
  • Real time insights in customer profiles
  • Real time insights in campaign conversion rates
  • Real time insights in customer feedback

We integrate with:

we integrate with any API

Other related services

Project management

You will have a dedicated project manager, throughout your campaign lifecycle. Your project manager will take you through our structured process which includes clear briefings, planning documents and reports.

          • Dedicated account and project management
          • (Online) marketing advisory
          • Meetings: kick-offs, evaluations, lessons learned.


Each year millions of consumers engage with our solutions. Therefore, we have a dedicated Support Team that is available to answer the questions and resolve the concerns of your consumers.

      • Telephone support during business hours
      • Email helpdesk, with 72-hour response guaranteed

Printed assets

Basebuilder has a team of designers and copywriters, and will take care of all printing required for your campaigns. Our designers will study your brand guidelines and ensure that all assets appropriately represent your brand identity and values. Over the years, Basebuilder has developed strong relationships with some of the most experienced printing houses that understand the complexities of your campaign requirements.

      • Branded designs and copy
      • Manage printing including unique codes for store identification
      • Distribution plan that works for you
      • Training of your staff on scratch-card distribution
      • Creation and set-up of point of sale promotions


Incentives, refunds, prizes or any other online requests are fulfilled by Basebuilder and its partners. We will work with you to ensure that the entire workflow from transaction to delivery is executed, without any hitches.

      • Management of prize winner selection
      • Check-out service
      • Delivery of digital and physical prizes, free gifts, incentives
      • Customer service

E-loyalty and e-promotions

A custom email retention module stimulates participants to execute the prefered actions. Based on the generated profiling data, the system is capable of sending personalized messages at any time or day. Ideal when it comes to periodic discounts, themes or other campaigns.

      • Persona creation and consumer database segmentation
      • Email newsletter design and copywriting
      • A/B testing for optimal results
      • Return path certification to ensure email delivery
      • Analytics

Joint marketing

Complementary partnerships of strong brands lead to effective marketing campaigns. Basebuilder can set up such partnerships, strategically selecting brands that share core values. The pairing will provide each brand the opportunity expand reach and grow their respective consumer databases.

      • Pairing of brands with complementary markets
      • Negotiation and design of co-branding of campaign assets
      • Execution of campaign to achieve best results for each brand